última atualização Alphasat Chroma 2022

By | April 5, 2022

Download Alphasat Chroma Satellite Receiver Latest Software / Firmware Update. Update your Alphasat Receiver Firmware with Many New Options. For Other Models of Alphasat Satellite Receiver Latest Software Updates Click Here Any Other satellite Receiver New Update Requests and any Other Help Contact Us @ Facebook Page or Twitter.


alphasat chroma atualização

Download Here to the Latest Software Update Of Alphasat Chroma Satellite Receiver

File Name:-  Alphasat_Chroma_V12.04.18.S60_19052020

Size:- 9.71 MB

Specifications of Alphasat Chroma

H265 – VOD – IPTV – Wi-Fi – DLNA – DTV – VFD – VOD – HTV – OTT – ACM – CCM

* Two IKS service options;
* IPTV with 220 closed channels made available by the brand where 90 channels are in HD;
* Recall list with side EPG;
* Channel list with 2 Columns + EPG, 1 Column + EPG and 3 Columns;
* Virtual Remote Control function, you can manipulate your device through the Sunplus Remote STB App available on the Play Store and also on the APP Store;
* Automatic update to Band C when connected to the internet;
* Automatic Update function via Internet;
* FREE application with availability for up to 5 free lists pre-configured by the user;
* Programming progress bar in the Information Bar also in the Grid of channels with 1 and 2 Columns;
* EPG activation after pressing the Green key on the remote control;
* Change SKS service if you use more than one via the Blue screen of the remote control (Open a channel, press Blue, choose the other satellite and press OK on the DLINK you prefer to use);
* Shortcut to Xcam Configuration via the Play Key on the controller;
* Shortcut to IPTV through the IPTV key on the Control;
* Shortcut to System Applications through the APP screen of the control;
* Adult app lock and adult programming active in: Menu, Setup, System, Child Lock;
* Shortcut to BeepDoor in Antenna Installation;
* Search channels by Favorites;
* Active Web Server function for access via Computer or Smartphone;
* Active Streaming function of channels via VLC;
* Color callsigns for services in channel numbers;
* Service callsign that is opening the channel in the Information Bar;
* Starone C2 KU (70w) TP’s updated, the user can perform the search in Automatic mode;

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