MediaStar MS-4000 Latest Software Update

By | March 11, 2022

Download MediaStar MS-4000 Receiver Latest Software/Firmware Update. Update Mediastar HD Receiver Firmware with Many New Options. For All Models of Mediastar HD Satellite Receiver Latest Software Update Click Here


Download Here to Latest Software Update Of MediaStar MS-4000 Satellite Receiver

  • Specifications of MediaStar MS-4000

Support channels with MPEG-ii / MPEG-iv / h.264 broadcast

Ability to support c band / Ku band LNBs

Support for DiSEqC c 1.0 / 1.1 2.1 1.3. usels with the least mistakes and accuracy

Support for several languages, including Persian

Full HD 1080p true image quality

Ability to upgrade via USB

Ability to upgrade via server

Upgrade via RS232 port

Teletext support in the Persian language

Free air shrink capability

High-quality free shearing

2 years of air shearing

Has AV output

Beautiful, comfortable, practical, and user-friendly menu.

Beautiful design with a combination of black colors and silver buttons and blue panel lights

Digital audio output capability (S.pdif)

WiFi support, wireless internet connection

Has features such as YouTube, weather, Google Map and. . .

Ability to support all types of external hard drives

It has a very powerful media player with the ability to support and play many audio and video formats such as MKV – AVI – FLV – DivX – MP4 – 3Gp – Mp3,…

With stunning true Full HD image quality

Persian subtitle support

Time Shift capability

Excellent and unique software support

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