Dreamsat 650 HD Plus Latest Software Update

By | March 13, 2022

Download dreamsat 650 hd plus Receiver Latest Software Update.Dernière dreamsat 650 hd plus mise à jour. All Models of Dreamsat Satellite Receiver Latest Software Update Click Here

Features of Dreamsat 650 HD Plus

  • 1080p HD resolution supported
  • HDMI video/audio output
  • AC card reader
  • Port Ethernet LAN
  • Sensitive blind search
  • 8000 storage chains
  • 64 storage satellites
  • Multilingual menu supported
  • DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2
  • USALS supported
  • Recording and playback via USB
  • Timeshift pris en charge
  • Media Player
  • USB 2.0 price in charge
  • Upgrade via OTA/RS232/USB/Online
  • External Wi-Fi via USB 2.0 supported
  • 3G/4G Externe via USB 2.0 prise en charge

mise a jour dreamsat 650 hd plus

#UploaderBrandTitle and DescriptionCapacityCountUpdate
1satstormDREAMSAT_650HD PLUS_10032022DREAMSAT 650HD PLUS6.52 MB511-03-2022
2satstormDREAMSAT_650HD PLUS_V2889_09122021DREAMSAT 650HD PLUS6.51 MB7911-12-2021
3satstormDREAMSAT_650HD PLUS_V2846_05062021DREAMSAT 650HD PLUS6.54 MB19005-06-2021
4satstormDREAMSAT_650HD PLUS_V2805_04022021DREAMSAT 650HD PLUS6.52 MB13805-02-2021
5satstormDREAMSAT_650HD PLUS_V2759_LEDF_MK_27072020DREAMSAT 650HD PLUS6.61 MB11528-07-2020
6satstormDREAMSAT_650HD PLUS_V2752_LEDF_MK_19072020DREAMSAT 650HD PLUS6.60 MB6920-07-2020
7satstormDREAMSAT_650HD PLUS_V2687_LEDF_MK_22042020DREAMSAT 650HD PLUS6.83 MB12523-04-2020
8satstormDREAMSAT_650HD PLUS_V2541_LEDF_MK_05102019DREAMSAT 650HD PLUS6.90 MB41506-10-2019
9satstormDREAMSAT_650HD PLUS_V2481_LEDF_MK_25052019DREAMSAT 650HD PLUS6.78 MB27515-06-2019
10satstormDREAMSAT_650HD PLUS_V2461_LEDF_MK_14052019DREAMSAT 650HD PLUS6.79 MB20514-05-2019

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