mediastar ms-diamond x2 latest software update

By | August 25, 2022

Download Mediastar Ms-Diamond X2 Receiver Latest Software/Firmware Update. Update Mediastar Ms-Diamond X2 Receiver Firmware with Many New Options. For All Models of Mediastar HD Satellite Receiver Latest Software Update Click Here


mediastar ms-diamond x2


Mediastar Ms-Diamond X2 Digital Satellite TV Receiver Software Latest Update

 Mediastar Ms-Diamond X2 Satellite Receiver Software 2022 free Download. Mediastar Ms-Diamond X2 Receiver Latest Software Download. Mediastar Ms-Diamond X2 Firmware Update. Also, Read Mediastar Ms-Diamond X2 Specifications. Mediastar Ms-Diamond X2 dump flash file and loader download

 Download Here to Latest Software Update for Mediastar Ms-Diamond X2 Satellite Receiver

MediaStar_MS-Diamond X2_PS4-Menu_V4.7.0_07032022
MediaStar_MS-Diamond X2_PS4-Menu_V4.6.9_09122021

Specifications of Mediastar Ms-Diamond X2

1- HiSilicon powerful CPU

2- Ability to support 4K 60fps 2160×3840

3- hardware capability to remove noise and image skipping


5- 8GB internal memory

6- Android 7 Nougat operating system (Android 7.0)

7- Powerful tuner with the possibility of amplifying weak signals

8- Support DVB-S-S2 frequencies and 3D channels and H.265 and 4K 60fsp

9- Support for various resolutions

576i 50Hz , 576P 50Hz , 720P 50 Hz, 1080P 24Hz , 1080P 25Hz , 1080i 50Hz , 1080P 50Hz , 2160 30 Hz , 2160 60 Hz

10- It has two new and optimized remote controls as well as support for other Media Star remote controls.

11- With 24 months of powerful internet sharing of the new Forever Forever global server

12- With the ability to open more than 300 more channels from Jayshir server (channels such as Pekich Nova on Hotbird, Dish TV HD on Asiast, Pahla on Nilesat, etc.)

13- New, professional and very beautiful menu

14- Has internal Wi-Fi

15- It has 3 USB ports to connect all kinds of external hard drives and peripherals

16- With built-in Bluetooth of the new generation

17- Ability to connect keyboard and mouse

18- The ability to connect all kinds of Xbox and PlayStation game consoles and install all kinds of games and support multiplayer games

19- The ability to install all Android applications such as Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.

20- Ability to connect microphone and speaker

21- XBMC media center and kodi feature…

22- It has a beautiful and modern panel with high quality material

23- Ability to support all types of cband/kuband LNBs

24- DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3 usals support

25- Excellent support for all types of sharing protocols such as CCCAM, NewCAM, etc

26- Support new Tandberg and Powerview coding systems and……

27- The possibility of manual and easy entry of BISS, DCW, Tandberg, Powerview codes, etc…

28- Advanced search capability or Blind Search

29- Network Search capability

30- Has a readable VFD panel

31- Has a LAN port

32- Has 2 USB ports

33- Has HDMI version 2.0 output

34- With AV output

35- Ability to automatically update the names of new channels

36- Ability to edit PID

37- Ability to search multiple satellites at the same time

38- The ability to search multiple transponders or frequencies together

39- Support for a wide and simple list of channels

40- Storage capacity of 10,000 television and radio channels

41- Full Persian language support

42- Ability to display Persian subtitles

43- It has 32 categories of favorite channels and the possibility of increasing up to 100 categories

44- The ability to edit and move channels in an urgent and desired list

45- Upgrade capability via USB and fastboot

46- The ability to upgrade through the Media Star internet server through the receiver itself

47- The unique ability to display all menus and submenus on the device panel for easy installation without the need for a TV.


48- Farsi teletext support

49- Connecting the network and the Internet through wireless, Bluetooth, cable, LAN and 3G

50- It has a very powerful media player with the ability to support and play many audio and video formats such as: MKV – AVI – FLV – DivX – MP4 – 3Gp – Mp3 …….

51- IPTV, G-VOD, G-IPTV, G-TV, G-mytube capability

52- Support m3u and m3u8 files

53- قابلیت G-MScreen , DLNA DMR , DLNA DMP , WiFi Direct

54- 3G modem support, SIM card modem

55- Picture and picture-in-picture multimedia feature

56- Ability to record in different formats

57- The ability to download softcams and programs from a dedicated FTP server

58- It has a programmable time shift

59- The ability to set the clock manually and automatically

60- Adjustable recording timer and sleep timer

61- The ability to set a password on the receiver with different accesses

62-Standby mode during power outage and manual and automatic adjustment

63- EPG electronic guide capability for up to 7 days

64- The ability to pause while recording and also while watching PAUSE channels in normal mode

65- Sisik’s excellent support

66- SSSP capability and Twin Protocol capability and support of various sharing protocols

67- Ability to control and stream with Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets


69- The possibility of using Actiocode protocol

70- Media Star exclusive IP-TV feature

71- Excellent and unique software support

72- And many other small and large facilities, which make using this receiver enjoyable for every user.

A pleasant and memorable experience, from the best facilities and the latest technology in the world, a new generation receiver in every sense.



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