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Download ECHOLINK SHAOLIN Satellite Receiver Latest Software / Firmware Update. Update your ECHOLINK Receiver Firmware with Many New Options. For Other Models of ECHOLINK Satellite Receiver, Latest Software Updates Click Here


  • H265 / HEVC
  • Récepteur Full HD 1080p
  • Echolink Shaolin comes with more apps for example Youtube, Dlna, Quran.
  • Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA
  • Application UCAST 
  • Dolby Digital (AC-3) / Dolby Digital Plus (AC3-E)

Echolink Shaolin Subscription

  1. 24 Month Phoenix
  2. 12 Months MITV + MIVOD
  3. 12 Months IP2SAT PLUS
  4. IP AUDIO support
  5. Multistream
  6. H265 support
  7. Dolby Digital Plus support
  8. USB To Lan Holder support
  9. Usb To Phone Holder support
  10.  Wi-Fi / 3G-4G
  11. Master Code: 8888
  12. Activation Code: 001199442018

File Names:-

7- New!  Channel_list_shaolin_23042021.SERVICE

6- New! ECHOLINK_SHAOLIN_V254_20220113.bin
5- New! ECHOLINK SHAOLIN_ V251 11112021.rar
4- ECHOLINK SHAOLIN_ V250 14102021.rar
3- ECHOLINK SHAOLIN_ V249 28072021.rar
2- ECHOLINK SHAOLIN_ V246 20042021.rar
1- ECHOLINK SHAOLIN_ 11032021.rar

New Software Download Links:-

File Name :- ECHOLINK_SHAOLIN_V254_20220113.bin

Changelog:- MITV update

Download Link :-

File Name:- ECHOLINK SHAOLIN_ V251 11112021.rar

Changelog:- MITV update

Download Link:-

Old Software Download Links :-

File Name :- ECHOLINK SHAOLIN_ V250 14102021.rar


Download Link:-

File Name :- ECHOLINK SHAOLIN_ V249 28072021.rar


Download Link:-

File Name :- ECHOLINK SHAOLIN_ V246 20042021.rar


Download Link:-

File Name :- ECHOLINK SHAOLIN_ 11032021.rar


Download Link:-

SHAOLIN Flash Tool :-

Channel List File:-

Buy Now:-

You can buy Echolink Shaolin Price in 300 dirhams in online stores

How to Update ECHOLINK SHAOLIN Flash File

First of all Download ECHOLINK SHAOLIN Flash and store the file on a USB drive

Attach USB drive and go ECHOLINK SHAOLIN Settings menu

make DB Backup to save your channels list

Now select the Update option

then Click on USB upgrade

Now select the flash file from USB and click ok

Wait a Few Minutes to update complete

After the update success now go to the settings menu again and select DB upgrade

select your DB Backup file from USB click ok and wait for a few minutes

That’s it.

Video Guide for Update Echolink shaolin :-

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