MediaStar MS-1000 Bugatti Software Update

By | March 16, 2022

Download MediaStar MS-1000 Bugatti Receiver Latest Software/Firmware Update. Update Mediastar HD Receiver Firmware with Many New Options. For All Models of Mediastar HD Satellite Receiver Latest Software Update Click Here


Download Here to Latest Software Update Of MediaStar MS-1000 Bugatti Satellite Receiver

  • Specifications of MediaStar MS-1000 Bugatti

1- Support for DVB-S-S2 frequencies and 3D channels
2- CPU type: ALI
3- Support for channels with MPEG-ii / MPEG-iv / h.264 playback
4- Ability to support all types of cband / Ku-band channels
5- Support for DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 usals
6- Blind Search
capability 7- 8000 channel storage capability
8- Dolby audio support
9- With shift time
10- With USB port
11- With HDMI output
12- With AV output
13 – Green legible panel
14- Ability to automatically update the names of new channels
15- Ability to search multiple satellites simultaneously
16- Ability to search multiple transponders (frequency) together
17- Support for full Persian language
18- Ability to display Persian subtitles
19- Ability to change the color and background of subtitles
20- Ability to edit and move channels in the favorite and favorite list
21- Ability to upgrade via USB
22- Ability to upgrade via the Internet server by the device itself
23- Has RS232 port
24- Persian Teletext support
25- COAXIAL output capability
26- Support old and new USB WiFi types
27- Has 8 urgencies for categorizing favorite channels and the possibility of adding a new category
28- Has two remote controls
29- Ability to work with all types of small and large media control remotes Media Star
30 – Beautiful, comfortable, functional, and user-friendly menu
31- Ability to support all types of external hard drives
32- Ability to record two channels simultaneously (same frequency)
33- Has a very strong media player, with the ability to support and play many audio and
video formats such as MKV – AVI – FLV – DivX – MP4 – 3Gp – Mp3, …
34- Excellent image quality Full HD 1080P
35 – Multi capability Pictures (multiple images)
36- Ability to download softcams and programs from a dedicated FTP server
37- Ability to set manual and automatic clocks
38- Recording
timers 39- Sleep timers
40- Electronic program guide for 7 days
41- Excellent support for C3 and Active code
42- Support for all types of Sharing protocols
43- Excellent and unique software support
44- Has 6 months of powerful global internet sharing,

a cheap receiver, with professional capabilities

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